Bloomfire is Committed to Giving Back

Bloomfire is partnering with 501c(3) charitable organizations by offering one FREE Bloomfire each month to registered 501c(3)s. Claim your own FREE Bloomfire and unlock knowledge from each and every person*.

  • Ask and answer important questions
  • Search and browse compelling content
  • Create content vital to your organization
  • Upload already created documents, images, videos, and presentations
  • Increase accesiblity and communication organization-wide
  • Engage your volunteer base at a new, heightened level
  • No IT help needed: completely self-service

Join with these great organizations who have already sparked knowledge-sharing Bloomfires of their own:

*This free Bloomfire is not eligible to be used as a membership site. 

One eligible 501(c)3 registrant is chosen at random each month to receive this free offer.

You must email your IRS letter of determiniation indicating your 501(c)3 tax-exempt status to sales@bloomfire.com within 48 hours of sign-up to retain eligiblity for your free Bloomfire.