Is Knowledge Management Dead?

As knowledge grows, technology changes, and customer needs shift, is knowledge management enough?

This guide will help you understand how knowledge management software can improve efficiencies within your organization, and what it is lacking. As we examine the deficiencies of knowledge management, it will become clear that knowledge management is dead, but from its ashes, a new solution is rising: knowledge sharing solutions.

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What You'll Learn:

Knowledge Management vs. Knowledge Sharing
Understand the difference between knowledge management and knowledge sharing by learning more about the knowledge hierarchy.

The Growing Importance of Tacit Knowledge 
Learn more about the important role tacit knowledge plays and how to effectively capture this type of knowledge.

The Collaboration Gap
Explore the reason why knowledge gaps exist and the role knowledge sharing plays in eliminating them.

How to Create a Knowledge Sharing Culture
Discover the importance, as well as the benefits for when organizations create a culture that focuses on knowledge sharing.

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Is Knowledge Management Dead?


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